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Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at what the statistics show:​

The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce 

The following information is based on:

A Research Study conducted by The Shapiro Group and MARKET ST

The Shapiro Group and MARKET ST are firms best known for their data-driven strategic research skills, and their community and economic development expertise, including extensive experience studying the impact of the local Chamber of Commerce within a community. The statistics from this research show an across the board gain as a result of Chamber membership, with the southern region’s favorability ranking among the greatest increasing percentages over non-members. This study confirms that the businesses that join their community’s Chamber(s) of Commerce are reaping tangible rewards. Consider the statistics shown below that were taken from their recent research publication. You can become part of these statistics today by joining the Greater Irondale Chamber of Commerce!

The Impact of Chamber Membership on Small Businesses:

Measured: % Increase in Consumer Favorability % Increase in Consumer Awareness % Increase in Local Reputation % Increase in Likelihood of Future Patronage
Overall: 44% 51% 57% 63%
By Region:
Northeast: 44% 54% 34% 66%
Midwest: 28% 55% 53% 49%
South: 45% 43% 82% 82%
West: 51% 47% 54% 56%