Irondale Text SPC web imageThe Greater Irondale Chamber is proud of our new partnership with the National Chamber Program and Office Depot/OfficeMax to deliver you steep discounts on the office supplies and day-to-day shopping most crucial to your organization’s needs. Because of your membership you are eligible to receive…

  • 15-55% less than market price on a 350 item office supply core list
  • 5-55% less than market price on a 500 item cleaning and break room core list
  • 3-30% less than market price on a 600 item technology core list
  • 5-15% less than market price on non-core items


  • 2.5₵ black and white copies
  • 24₵ color copies
  • 40% off finishing services, including laminating, binding, vinyl banners, and paper upgrades

Here is how to take advantage of the Office Depot discounts onlineClick here to get started.

To utilize the Office Depot discounts in a retail store, you will need a Store Purchasing Card (SPC). It is unique to the Greater Irondale Chamber and will provide you the discounts when checking out. Simply text “IrondaleSPC” to 555-888 and the savings card will be texted back to you to save on your phone.

If you have any questions or would like to request an invoice billing account, contact our account representative, Rick Love at 205-427-9328, or email Lynda at the Chamber.